45W RGB LED light engine twinkle or shooting star


Feature:45W RGB LED
Twinkle white color wheel or shooting star color wheel

  • Description

    45W RGB Fiber Optic Twinkle LED Light Source Motor Remote Controller


    Model: MK-L45RGBT


    Our RGB LED light source was created to provide a powerful alternative for lighting applications where low voltage and brilliant colors are required. Designed for star ceiling type applications, the LED fiber optic illuminator has an installed twinkle wheel that creates an incredible shimmering effect. Shooting star color wheel is optional.



  • parameter
    • Model Number:MK-L45RGBT
    • LED power:45W RGB LED
    • Color wheel:twinkle white or shooting star color wheel
    • Packing size:230*245*160mm
    • Life of LED:50000h
    • LED light source version:RGB color changing + twinkle or shooting
    • Remote controller:RF remote controller
    • Warrranty:1 Year
    • Voltage:24V DC
    • Cover square:7*8m