Chic Luminous Cloud Fiber Optic Ceiling Light


Feature:Chic Luminous Cloud made of fiber optic light

  • Description


    Chic Luminous Cloud Fiber Optic Ceiling Light for Visible Lasting Impression Low Ceiling Cloud 


    Model: MMK-CD1200[2]


    Partying in Mayki Lighting.


    In the club we needed to combat the low ceiling, so we created an luminous cloud that drops 60cm from the ceiling. Chic visible ceiling was creared but that was not the difficult part.



  • parameter
    • Model Number:MK-CD1200[2]
    • Fiber optic cable:0.5mm pmma fiber
    • Fiber quantity:2400pcs one sqm
    • LED power:32W RGBW
    • Life of LED:50000h
    • LED light source version:RGBW & DMX
    • Machine Material:100% aluminum
    • Warrranty:1 Year
    • Voltage:12V DC
    • Cover square:1*1m
    • Application include:party, club, stage, bar, ceiling, basement, hall