PMMA Sparkle Fiber Optic tails


Feature:Sparke side glow fiber optic tails

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    Fiber optic sparkle tails

    Model: SSOF-1*0.75

    Our sparklet side light fiber introduces a light diffusion technology that achieves brilliant and distinctibe sparkling effect without any noticeable reduction in the intensity of the light throughout entire length of cable travel. The multistrand fibers are encased in a flexible clear PVC jacket to create fiber tail bundles in a variety of diameters for different type of projects. These fibers are best suited for sparkling effects, neon like effects, decorative lighting, chandeliers and light curtains.

    Fiber optic sparkle cable, cable consists of 1*0.75mm kincked fibers. Overall size is 1.2mm is for a 2700 meter spool.

    Multistrand fibers encased in a flexible clear PVC jacket for side lighting applications.

    The etched technoloy creates bright points to be brilliantly visible with a low amount of light diffusion which allows fibers to maintain a uniform brightness along entire cable length.

    * Distinctive twinkle effect unlike any others on the market.

    * Neon-like, uniform illumination through the length of the cable.

    * Remote lighting with no electricity, heat

    * Elegant and dynamic color change of illumination.

    * Each 0.75mm fiameter plastic fiber optic strand is made from proprietary high grade

    * PMMA-based compound that us extremely durable and flexible

    * Untwisted multistrand fibers provide more flexibility and longer uniform light

    * Transmission without hot spots than twisted fibers.

    * Up to 30m on single illuminator in closed loop setup.

    * Suitable for interior, and underwater applications.




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    SSOF-1*0.75 0.75 None <0.25dB/m 7.2mm 2700m/RL
    SSOF-1*1.0 1 None <0.25dB/m 9.6mm 1500m/RL
    SSOF-1*0.75 1.2 Clear PVC <0.25dB/m 7.2mm 2700m/RL
    SSOF-1*1.0 1.6 Clear PVC <0.25dB/m 9.6mm 1500m/RL
    SSOF-3*0.75 3.0 Clear PVC <0.25dB/m 18mm 900m/RL
    SSOF-3*1.0 3.5 Clear PVC <0.25dB/m 21mm 750m/RL
    SSOF-7*0.75 4.0 Clear PVC <0.25dB/m 24mm 450m/RL

    * On demand also available without PVC cladding